Huggie Beauty
Huggie Beauty

Huggie Beauty and Huggie Earrings for the 2010s

Joshua Long 

Every decade has a piece of jewelry that defines it: for the 2010s, it’s definitely the huggie earring. These thick, small hoop earrings click into place and hug the earlobe or helix.

Experts say that to improve dry skin, focus on hydrating your body from the inside out. That includes avoiding a long hot shower, which pulls moisture from your skin.

Skin Care

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes are designed to help keep baby’s skin healthy and happy. Kimberly-Clark developed the line with extensive consumer research across various markets. For example, in the US, the research discovered that babies like a curved and stretchy fit diaper, which only Huggies has, and the need for wipes that clean and nourish sensitive skin. Plus, you can earn rewards on Huggies products when you use Fetch and scan receipts!*.

*See Terms & Conditions for details.

Bath & Body

Huggies, the US toiletry brand from Kimberly-Clark, has expanded its range with the launch of a natural, gentle bath and body line. The range is based on consumer research, with different segments of the market identified for targeted products. The company claims that its initial entry into the bath category lifted sales by 11 per cent in the US, and it hopes to replicate this success in Europe with Huggie Beauty. The range includes a shampoo and conditioner for hair, as well as baby wash and a gentle bubble bath for sensitive skin. The products are available from early 2005.

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