Monday, December 6, 2021
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Technology News for Iron and Steel Africa Review

Growth Opportunities in the Global Iron and Steel Market

The worldwide iron and steel market is required to observe great development during the following five years, and the business income is gauge to...
Stainless steel straw could see end of single use plastics

Stainless Steel Straw Could See End of Single Use Plastics

As the backlash against plastic continues, the drinking straw is in drastic need of a redesign. Does a collapsible version made from stainless steel...

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‘Green steel’: the race to clean up one of the world’s dirtiest industries

Skyscrapers and bridges, cars and cruise ships, guns and washing machines. All have one thing in common: steel.As a key input for engineering and...

Pricier steel can be costly for economy

The Competition Commission has opened a suo motu probe into cartelisation by steel companies to set prices, which have been on the rise for...

Auto companies to hike prices again as steel rates soar

CHENNAI: The increase in raw material costs is set to trigger a second round of price hikes in the auto industry with manufacturers indicating a...
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