Bling Eternity Melon Ice Vape Pods Review
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Bling Eternity Melon Ice Vape Pods Review

Joshua Long 

Melon Ice is a fusion of sweet and tart fruit flavors with icy menthol notes for the ultimate fruit vape experience. It’s one of 18 amazing flavors from the Bling Eternity disposable pods collection, which is USB-C rechargeable and uses food-grade materials to produce big flavor, thick clouds, and ultimate satisfaction.

Strawberry Watermelon

One of 18 amazing flavors from Bling Eternity’s line of disposable vaporizer pods, Strawberry Watermelon Ice is a fusion of sweet strawberries, pineapple and blueberries with icy menthol notes to take you to a tropical paradise. The 70/30 VG/PG ratio offers a high concentration of flavor that gives you the satisfaction of full vaping while also providing a cool burst of frosty menthol that refreshes your breath with every puff.

A mouth-puckering blend of juicy strawberries and pineapples complemented by icy mint ice for an exhilarating fruit slush experience. This e-liquid is part of the Bling Eternity collection of USB-C rechargeable disposable vaporizer pods that come with 18 amazing flavors and high-quality food-grade ingredients for big flavor, thick clouds and ultimate satisfaction. It’s available in different nicotine strengths and comes with a convenient draw-activated design and Japanese cotton wicks for optimal flavor absorption. The perfect coil and airflow produce impressive vapor production to keep you vaping all day long.

Berry Mix

This brisk mix of sweet strawberries, pineapple and blueberries combines with icy menthol notes for an ice-cold taste burst. It’s one of 18 amazing flavors from BLING Eternity, which offers USB-C rechargeable, lightweight disposable pod vaporizers for big hits at a reasonable price point.

These vaporizers use high-quality food-grade materials and a perfect coil for rich flavors, thick clouds and ultimate satisfaction. They’re also lightweight, easy to use and offer a range of nicotine strengths for discreet vaping.

Purple Rain is a popular song by Prince that spent 24 weeks on the Billboard charts and helped define his music genre. It combines gospel and R&B influences with rock elements to create a unique sound that’s still recognizable today. It is available in a variety of nicotine strengths in a disposable pod from BLING Eternity Melon Ice. This e-liquid is a fusion of fruit flavors tied together with a blast of icy mint that will refresh your breath with each and every puff.

Peach Ice

A luscious blend of the most ripe melons twisted with frosty ice for an invigorating flavor that will keep you coming back. This fruity fusion is available in Bling Eternity disposables that are USB-C rechargeable, lightweight and easy to use for newcomers and mobile vapers. They feature a perfect coil and airflow to deliver big flavors, ultimate clouds and high-quality vaping.

Purple Rain is a powerful song from Prince, a legendary pop icon who helped define his musical genre with gospel and R&B influences and rock elements. This dazzling mix of strawberries, pineapple and blueberries has icy menthol notes that refresh your breath with each hit.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice is a full-fruit medley of juicy peaches and red-ripe strawberries paired with cooling watermelon, all topped with a touch of icy menthol. This refreshing mix of fruit flavors is offered in the Bling Eternity disposable vaporizer line, which includes 18 amazing flavors that are authentic and true-to-taste. This convenient, easy-to-use device features a USB-C rechargeable battery and a 16ml e-liquid capacity that lasts up to 8500 puffs.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain Ice is a refreshing cool flavor that delivers a burst of strawberry and banana to delight your taste buds. It is complemented by a brisk icy menthol mix that provides a crisp sensation when inhaled. It is one of the 18 amazing flavors from the BLING Disposable collection and is USB-C rechargeable for ultimate convenience.

BLING Market disposables come pre-filled with 16ml of e-Liquid for on-the-go vaping convenience. They are USB-C rechargeable and simple to use, making them a great choice for new and mobile users alike.


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