UK steel industry is ready to aid in coronavirus crisis

UK steel industry is ready to aid in coronavirus crisis

The steel industry is committed to doing anything it can to support the national effort to tackle coronavirus, industry body UK Steel has said.

Whether that is adapting production lines to provide necessary components for hospital equipment, prioritizing supply of specialist materials, or providing skilled workers for the manufacture of vital equipment, UK Steel says the industry is ready to support the UK government.

The organisation said: “We must also be honest about the scale of the challenge for our own sector. In the absence of further major government interventions, a prolonged shutdown of the UK economy will quickly become terminal for the steel industry, leaving tens of thousands of workers without a job to support their families. Critically, primary steel production sites do not have the flexibility to simply ‘switch off’ production without major long term consequences.

“The measures already announced by the chancellor to support business are to be welcomed, but we need details and more action over the coming days to ensure that our workers are supported and that they will have a business to come back to once this crisis is over. Our message is clear – nothing should be off the table at this time.”

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