Maragua where women rule in tenant ownership

Maragua town photo

Standard Digital – Behind every successful man is a woman, goes the adage. But behind Maragua town’s success in rental yields are women tenants.

The common consensus in the town is that its rental economy is feminine. This is reinforced by the town’s Landlords Association Chairman James Irungu, who fears that should women tenants relocate to another area, then Maragua would be reduced to a ghost town.“Women tenants’ occupancy of this town’s housing units stands at 90 percent. And of the 800 landlords who are members of my association, 720 are women. In our meetings, all of my members also report that the majority of their tenants are women. In my case, I have 50 rental rooms and 46 of my tenants are women,” he told Home and Away.

The town’s children have Kianjiru-iin Primary School as the only public school near them. The school’s head, Peter Kagwanjai, reports that nearly 70 percent of his school population are children of single mothers – the majority of the tenants in Maragua town.“It can safely be said that women are the engine of Maragua town’s economy. Even though these Maragua women have their challenges, we do not have alarming incidents of their children deserting school, which gives me the impression that they do not default on their rental obligations either,” he said. However, as is the case with many towns, organized crime plays a big part in the performance of the property sector.

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