Unique designs draw investors to Nairobi’s skies

Unique designs draw investors to Nairobi’s skies/UAP Towers

Nairobi’s skyline is fast evolving as new, classy skyscrapers rise to pierce the city’s skies.

The beauty of East Africa’s business hub is being boosted by investors pumping fortunes into real estate and grand edifices adorning the city. And it is not just tall buildings, but aesthetically appealing ones.

The tallest two buildings in East and Central Africa sit in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area.

The 163-metre tall UAP Old Mutual Towers, whose construction was completed in 2016, took the mantle of the region’s tallest building, but the glory was short-lived.

A year later, a 200-metre competitor Britam Towers showed up a few hundred metres next and took UAP Old Mutual’s thunder. The most recent skyscrapers of the green city in the sun include Prism Tower, Le’Mac and FCB Mihrab Tower.

Others coming up include The Pinnacle Tower (70-storey) pinned to become Africa’s tallest, the stalled 63-storey Hazina Towers, the 47-storey Global Trade Centre (office), the 40-storey Montave Southern Tower and the 44-storey Nairobi Condominium Tower.

However, winning the race for the skies was not enough for Britam Towers. In 2017, Emporis, a firm that awards 10 skyscrapers for “excellence in both aesthetic and functional design” globally, ranked Britam Towers 10th on their list for the year.

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