Housing Agents to Lose as Property Owners Embrace Technology

(R-L) Verus Global System Board Member Carole Kariuki, Verus Global Chairman Ken Wathome, and Dr. Gilbert Saggia, Verus Global System Board Member during the launch of an Electronic Property Management System. The system is a software solution for property management. [Photo/ Verus Global System]

Can you imagine a situation where you don’t have to deal with a housing agent when paying rent in Kenya?

Well, if you never thought that such a time would never come, technology is moving things around shifting and disrupting the common to become unusual and outdated.

To address challenges in managing rental properties, Verus Global Systems, a Kenyan based software solutions provider, has launched an Electronic Property Management Systems (EPMAS), a software solution that will ease the process of property management in the country.

EPMAS is an electronic management software system that adequately meets the needs of the real estate market. The web-based solution offers features like property accounting, tenant and supplier management, lease tracking, bank reconciliation, maintenance schedules, and vendor management


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