The Construction Industry is Shifting to Manufacturing and Mass Production

The Construction Industry is Shifting to Manufacturing and Mass Production| Photo by Drazen_/istock

As the world’s population continues to grow, we are faced with the need for faster development and rapid construction on a massive scale.

Understanding the construction process

The building design and construction process is one that has relatively stayed the same for hundreds if not thousands of years. An architect or designer would create a vision for a structure, a civil engineer would create all the necessary supports and functions, and a crew of builders would ultimately construct the house. It seems simple, but one thing that the “tried and tested process” doesn’t have on its hands is time.

When time and efficiency become the driving constraint for construction, like what is being seen in areas experiencing rapid growth, the only current solution is manufactured housing, lacking in originality and architectural beauty. There is a place for the double-wide and single-wide concept of manufactured homes, but adapting to the mass population has never been the intended use.

Rather than this form of housing manufacturing, the construction building design and construction industry will shift to more of a wide-scale mass-production industry. One still focused on architectural beauty and originality but driven by manufacturability and speed.

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