Building Solutions Firm Pens Deal To Expand Online Platform


    Housing construction firm, iBUIL Global has partnered with an American engineering company, Miyamoto International to expand the reach of an online professional online platform.

    The deal also involves creating an administrative portal for quality construction and engineering assessments.

    The two companies are also collaborating to pioneer the development of assessment tools that will be used for new and existing structures and for post-disaster engineering assessments in order to certify and digitise large scale reconstruction efforts and interventions.

    “The first deployment of the Quality Assessment tool is proposed for Indonesia. This move is a strong endorsement of the mobile-enabled iBUILD® technology and Miyamoto International’s strength in earthquake and hurricane resilient engineering to reduce damage and facilitate disaster recovery,” iBUILd said in a statement. Miyamoto International designs new construction and assesses existing buildings to address specific vulnerabilities to disasters. They focus on solutions that limit damage, business interruption and loss of life. Miyamoto is “strategically located” worldwide in regions vulnerable to disaster.

    “We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Miyamoto International. As leaders in their field, we are confident that the collaboration for our new online assessment tools will lead to a profitable venture for us both. Most importantly, it will lead to a safer built environment,” said Lewis Schulman, board chairman, iBUILD Global. Read more>>



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