Changing The Railway to A Dream City


A plan to see the expansion of the Nairobi’ Central Business District (CBD) has been rolled out by the Government. The Railway City Masterplan o be set on a 425-acre land, is expected to be completed in the next 20 years in three phases.

The project will contain three sections:

1.     The main station area

2.     A residential area

3.     A business hub

KS. 17.5 billion, a huge chunk of the project, will be spent on the railway infrastructure. Water supply will take up to KS 3.9 billion and construction of roads and pavements will cost KS 2 billion.

Described as a “multi-modal” hub in the CBD that will guarantee “seamless connection” among commuter rail, three Bus Rapid Transits, airport limousine city bus and non-motorised transport such as bicycle.

The Nairobi Railway City will include multi-modal transit stations, mixed-use or commercial buildings, international offices, small and medium enterprise cluster and high tech industry buildings,” said Transport Principal Secretary, Charles Hinga.

Other facilities will include residential buildings, community and government buildings, open space and plazas, and powerful non-motorized and pedestrian walkways.

The diverse urban programme is expected to generate a 24-hour dynamic city. The project will ease congestion on Uhuru Highway, Haile Selassie Avenue and Landies Road.

The government is calling upon citizens to give their views concerning the project before finalizing its plans in the next 60 days.



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